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    Inequity is Eroding our Democracy

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    It is apparent when you walk the streets of Victoria that there is a growing divide between the haves & the have nots. This is by the design of Corp Greed emitting from New York City. The Capital of Neoliberalism.

    Neoliberalism is the myth that Business does it better, its been a force in Canada since the 70’s and its helped them do better by a vast amount, while costs have risen & wages have stagnated for us. Through the 80’s & 90’s & on even still today our Society has been encouraged to lower Corporate Taxes & Resource Royalties under the guise of gaining potential for more Jobs, yet they haven’t come. Instead the Canadian Corporations have pocketed the savings and stashed close to $700 Billion, an amount equal to Canada’s debt. All while you’ve been taxed & fined at greater levels. In Victoria we pay for rain?

    Older image now Uber Rich own more than half of the world.

    Older image now Uber Rich own more than half of the world.

    Thanks to lower Taxes Canadian Corps Hoarding $700 Billion!

    Thanks to lower Taxes Canadian Corps Hoarding $700 Billion!

    In 2001 our City Budget was $105 Million a year, now its approaching $250 Million & all that $$$ is coming from your pockets. During this time the issues the citizens of Victoria have been facing have grown exponentially. In 2001 The Federal Government invited Mayors & City Managers to a conference where they were told how to increase revenues from their residents through increased Taxes, Fines & Fees. Clearly we can see the Mayors & City Managers took these lessons to heart. The mess we are in is their making. Neoliberalism-ists will put sand in your shoes to slow you down, one could say the poverty on our streets if for this purpose. A society plagued by issues on its side walks has greater difficulty standing up the biggest Corporations plundering our National Wealth. If BC had kept the Tax regime as it was in the 80’s we’d be living in a very different BC. In this regard going backwards seems very progressive. Ask the Candidates what they will do to curb Neoliberalism. I will work to create the political will to stop inequity & push it back towards a fairer society. I believe Accountability Culture can do this!

    Accountability Culture maybe an answer to defeating the Leadership Cults that dominate our Democracy. As we’ve seen recently with the BC Provincial Election Parties Campaign on things they have no intention of following through on. They use polls to see what people are concerned about then stay in front of the movements because they have huge resources and by saying the ‘right things’. Then after they have secured a position in Government its back to business as usual. Pushing ahead with Site C Dam despite all the evidence & proceeding with Fracking up BC despite all its expensive downfalls & lack of Revenues are great examples. Under Accountability Culture, the people would have access to all the ins & outs of today’s issues, enabling them a clear understanding of whether or not they are being taken advantage of. Of Course Accountability Culture is just a concept, we will have to fill it in & develop methods to keep it honest accessible & unbiased. In Canada the Parties are serving Corporations first & asking us all to pay more, this is Neoliberalism. Ask yourself how we as a community can curb the influences the Parties have over Victoria. Something to think about and to discuss with your neighbours.

    The change we want can be as easy as voting for a Mayor you believe in, then the 3 votes for incumbents to keep the best ones, and 5 votes for new face not devoted to the Parties. This will bring a fresh perspective to City Hall and show the all the Parties that they need to be more responsive to Canadians! A Win-Win for Victoria!

    I hope I can earn your support and be part of that change! Thanks!

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