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    Climate Alarm Alarm!

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    The last time I ran for election I was a Climate alarmist. I even acted as a Pundit volunteering 6 hours a day promoting the Green Party on Twitter with Climate Change being a top issue through the last Provincial Election. I was always a little sceptical because I understood Co2 is plant food and its near its record low, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t also be messing up the climate. Then I got a slap on the face from some very non-factual context pushed by the Alarm Camp! I had to sit back and ponder what was going on in North America when Al Gore’s team started sharing the fears of a coming Mass Extinction because of Co2? They shared a history of Co2 levels devoid of any other facts & inferred were coming up to a new extinction event? I decided to peak behind the curtain.

    15.Alarmists.Pushing.Fear 20.CO2.Exctinction.PR 23.volcanic.emissions

    Searching for Context to explain how our lives were in danger from near record low levels of co2 for being too high, I found there was plenty of information that they were leaving out. Co2 is still near it record low of about 172 ppm (parts per million) set in the last 800,000 years which were Earth’s lowest levels ever. The levels were so low that life on land including that of plants & animals were within 30 ppm of ending 8 times during this period. We have more now which is good for the planet, but its being marketed as dangerous? The Extinction events of the past had real reason for happening,levels of Co2 was not one! The Reason for most past Extinction events and Co2 hikes was Super Volcanoes, sure they raise Co2 but they also emit huge amounts of Sulphur Dioxide which creates acid rain and by ejecting particle mass that creates long term darkness by blocking Sunlight. The Past Extinction events were caused by months of acid rain and darkness, the levels of plant food were irrelevant! Yet this illusion is still being pushed on Canada. Pay careful attention to the first line in this Discovery Channel expose on Co2?

    As you can see they’ve jumped the Shark! I expect way better from Discovery Channel. So Al Gore wants us all to believe we live on a very sensitive to plant food Planet? We all perish at 150 ppm, for the last 800,000 years we bounced over this line coming within 30 ppm of being wiped out 8 times! This is established understanding from years of observations and analysis of Geological deposits from real science! But, now we are told we are in danger from Co2 being too high? Its 238 ppm above its record low and 255 ppm above end of life for plants & animals on land. Ocean life would be fine. Notice how in the video they used the NASA data but shared no context as to the low extreme life isn’t capable of surviving below? The only context shared was rate of change? Too fast for what? Plants nope, animals, nope! What then?

    10.CO2.History600M 5.Dust.Co2 30.Co2.Temp

    As you can see Geological evidence backs up what I’ve shared about Co2 levels. The first graph shows the historical levels of Co2 evidenced by fossils of seas shells and other layers of sedimentary deposits on land & in the Oceans.  Ice cores have also preserved aspects of our past that real science has been able to use to unlock some insight as to what our past looked like. You may notice real graphs can be full of information while alarmist propaganda is usually just about 1 parameter, Co2? The middle graph shows Dust spiking in times of low Co2 indicates the plants are not covering the soil as much & it is becoming susceptible to wind erosion raising it up into the air. It is well established science that most plants die around 150 ppm, Farmers have been adding Co2 to their Green Houses for decades to gain better Crop yields, experiments show more Co2 equals better growth. The 3rd graph shows no correlation between Co2 and Earth’s Temperature.

    greening-earth Co2.benefits Plant_Food

    Here we have evidence of a Greening Planet, better crop yields and faster growing everything. I know this is not what you have been hearing from main stream media, they won the right to lie to Canadians in the 90’s and have been serving Corporate greed by delivering half truths & misinformation to Canadians since then. Fake News is the polar opposite of a free Press and without a Free Press Democracy is in peril, as if you can’t reflect on hte truth you can’t add to democratic process with certainty? Not a good situation for the residents of Victoria.

    Take some time to digest what I’ve shared, there will be more! Questions are encouraged!


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    Statuesque Tag Team

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    Statuesque in Victoria is held in place by successive Mayors & Council because of ties to the Bigger Parties that hold statuesque over BC and in Canada. These Parties are Leadership Cults and are sold to Canadians as Value Based Organizations, but its clear the values are only used for Election purposes & their main focus is serving Corp Greed. Case in point is Homelessness, there is no good reason Victoria should have nearly 2,000 people suffering from a wide range of issues from poverty to mental health living on our streets.  The Problem of homelessness ballooned in the early part of the New Millennium. It gestated from the tag team efforts of BC NDP as they left office after the 90’s & the incoming BC Liberals as they closed down Facilities that housed and cared for those in our society with mental health issues. Its not a far reach to assume these members of our society would have trouble caring for themselves on the streets, but that’s where our Government has left them.

    It common knowledge for people of Victoria that the cost of ignoring homeless people far out weights the cost of assisting them into housing. On average ignoring someone sleeping rough costs BC about $60,000 a year. I say its common knowledge because these costs have been shared by community activists for decades. These concerns fall on deaf ears at City Hall who say their hands are tied because of inaction from other levels of Government. In the last Civic Election our Mayor Lisa Helps suggested the best thing for our streets it to fill them with shoppers so nobody can see the homeless? Strange? How did she win?

    In 2008 the Street Community took the City to BC Supreme Court for a Charter of Rights Challenge and demonstrated the services provided by the City were unreasonable. They won the Court Case which stipulated quite clearly that our Charter of Rights affords us all reasonable services and so struck down the City By-Law that prohibited people from setting up tents in our Parks. Dean Fortin, a councillor acting as Mayor as Alan Low was away, appealed the decision which he lost. The Judge then let him off the hook, saying since the City had now modified the By-law to allow tenting between dusk & dawn, the Judge explained the Street Community would need to put together a completely new case to challenge these new rules. We have had people tenting in our Parks ever since.

    The right thing to do is invest in improving our Street Services & develop solutions that afford the people using them the same security we’d all expect to have in any Public Institution. The reasons the Court found City Services to be unreasonable were related to over crowding, illnesses, and crime that was rampant in the facilities. Details can be found in this report, http://www.courts.gov.bc.ca/Jdb-txt/SC/08/13/2008BCSC1363.htm?mobile=0 112 pages our Media implied weren’t worth reading?

    Today we have close to 2,000 people living rough on Victoria Streets. Genuine solutions will arrive after we curb Neoliberalism by electing a Mayor & a Council that doesn’t cater to the tenants of Lowering Taxes for the Wealthiest & increasing the burdens for everyone else. To do achieve this we need to vote past the Big Money Campaigns that have strings attached & choose small money Candidates for City Hall, I hope I can earn your support in this regard.


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    Inequity is Eroding our Democracy

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    It is apparent when you walk the streets of Victoria that there is a growing divide between the haves & the have nots. This is by the design of Corp Greed emitting from New York City. The Capital of Neoliberalism.

    Neoliberalism is the myth that Business does it better, its been a force in Canada since the 70’s and its helped them do better by a vast amount, while costs have risen & wages have stagnated for us. Through the 80’s & 90’s & on even still today our Society has been encouraged to lower Corporate Taxes & Resource Royalties under the guise of gaining potential for more Jobs, yet they haven’t come. Instead the Canadian Corporations have pocketed the savings and stashed close to $700 Billion, an amount equal to Canada’s debt. All while you’ve been taxed & fined at greater levels. In Victoria we pay for rain?

    Older image now Uber Rich own more than half of the world.

    Older image now Uber Rich own more than half of the world.

    Thanks to lower Taxes Canadian Corps Hoarding $700 Billion!

    Thanks to lower Taxes Canadian Corps Hoarding $700 Billion!

    In 2001 our City Budget was $105 Million a year, now its approaching $250 Million & all that $$$ is coming from your pockets. During this time the issues the citizens of Victoria have been facing have grown exponentially. In 2001 The Federal Government invited Mayors & City Managers to a conference where they were told how to increase revenues from their residents through increased Taxes, Fines & Fees. Clearly we can see the Mayors & City Managers took these lessons to heart. The mess we are in is their making. Neoliberalism-ists will put sand in your shoes to slow you down, one could say the poverty on our streets if for this purpose. A society plagued by issues on its side walks has greater difficulty standing up the biggest Corporations plundering our National Wealth. If BC had kept the Tax regime as it was in the 80’s we’d be living in a very different BC. In this regard going backwards seems very progressive. Ask the Candidates what they will do to curb Neoliberalism. I will work to create the political will to stop inequity & push it back towards a fairer society. I believe Accountability Culture can do this!

    Accountability Culture maybe an answer to defeating the Leadership Cults that dominate our Democracy. As we’ve seen recently with the BC Provincial Election Parties Campaign on things they have no intention of following through on. They use polls to see what people are concerned about then stay in front of the movements because they have huge resources and by saying the ‘right things’. Then after they have secured a position in Government its back to business as usual. Pushing ahead with Site C Dam despite all the evidence & proceeding with Fracking up BC despite all its expensive downfalls & lack of Revenues are great examples. Under Accountability Culture, the people would have access to all the ins & outs of today’s issues, enabling them a clear understanding of whether or not they are being taken advantage of. Of Course Accountability Culture is just a concept, we will have to fill it in & develop methods to keep it honest accessible & unbiased. In Canada the Parties are serving Corporations first & asking us all to pay more, this is Neoliberalism. Ask yourself how we as a community can curb the influences the Parties have over Victoria. Something to think about and to discuss with your neighbours.

    The change we want can be as easy as voting for a Mayor you believe in, then the 3 votes for incumbents to keep the best ones, and 5 votes for new face not devoted to the Parties. This will bring a fresh perspective to City Hall and show the all the Parties that they need to be more responsive to Canadians! A Win-Win for Victoria!

    I hope I can earn your support and be part of that change! Thanks!